Let’s make wall art from IKEA shelves!

Someone threw out large, open design IKEA shelves. They sat out in the rain for days before I took pity on them. They were too big for me to use as is – 20″ square – and left where they were, eventually they were going to be tossed in the garbage truck. So I had no qualms dismantling them.


Previously I had seen an idea that I liked in a magazine using painted wood slats as a wall decoration. Looking at these oversize IKEA shelves inspired me. I used paints I had and decided to do a random pattern on each panel, not matchy-matchy. Initially I thought I’d set them up as squares but realized triangles would look cooler. I was going to have the points touching, but discovered that would make the piece too long end-to-end for where I intended it. So I hung them, one nail apiece, overlapping just a bit; the whole thing is about 6.5′ long and looks vaguely retro – 60’s? – to me in a way I really like. It’s bolder than anything I would have done in years past. Such an easy project and so satisying in the result.






21 thoughts on “Let’s make wall art from IKEA shelves!

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thank you! I’ve been wanting bolder art and I sure wasn’t going to buy it. This gave me a low-risk way to try to make some. I still have 3 shelves left but I haven’t thought of anything clever yet…

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