At least they didn’t copyright “Plumpify”

There’s a TV ad running now, as well as a print ad, for CoverGirl® “Plumpify Mascara” (I didn’t name it, I’m just the messenger here) featuring Katy Perry. In the commercial, Katy hops around and vamps and does what she does well. In tiny, look-away-to-eat-some-popcorn-and-miss-it print on the screen are the words “Katy is wearing lash inserts.” I had a bad, twitchy, what the??? reaction when I saw that statement on the TV but I tried to rise above and let it go. But then I saw the qualifier again in the ads with the Sunday paper yesterday and by gum, I just couldn’t!

Lash inserts?? LASH INSERTS??!? What, WHAT, I ask you is the POINT of advertising mascara which is, um, supposed to make your eyelashes look bigger, fuller, lusher – for cryin’ out loud they’ve NAMED the product PLUMPIFY mascara – if the model isn’t demonstrating the effects of the ACTUAL PRODUCT but instead is primarily showing off her surrogate eyelashes??? I know I need to calm down, I’m sorry, but there outta be a law, I’m-a-just-saying.

This would be like advertising the Wonderbra®, and including tiny, we-don’t-really-want-you-to-notice-this-but-the-lawyers-said-we-had-to-include-it print that says the model “has breast implants.” I mean, really, REALLY?? Deep breaths, deep breaths.


14 thoughts on “At least they didn’t copyright “Plumpify”

  1. battlewagon13

    There’s a reason DVRs were invented – to never subject myself to that type of advertising again. In fact, my whole life is geared towards not seeing ads, from only looking at online news to xm radio to DVR. It’s my goal in life.

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  2. Kate Crimmins

    I saw the same ad. A couple of years ago there was a revolt about Diane Keaton (I think it was Covergirl) ads for makeup. The photos were airbrushed. You don’t need the makup, you need the airbrush! Maybe Cialis ads involve implants too.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Ha, ha, yes, sell me an airbrush! Do you remember the backlash the show Moonlighting got for always casting Cybil Sheppard (sp?) in a super filtered lens? It’s funny because there’s been a swing toward truthfulness in other products, but the only mainstream one I can think of offhand geared to more realistic/honest views of women are Dove’s. And they don’t sell makeup.

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  3. Anonymous

    Love the rant! Sell me an airbrush too! The oversell gets me when I buy just face moisturizer. There are 5 products that go with that guaranteed “to make you look younger.” Really? Come on! The salesperson gets indignant when I give them my take on it’s best to go with good nutrition, exercise & a healthy lifestyle, at my age! Happy Week! 💛 Elizabeth

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh, I know, don’t you love being patronized by people who think you can’t POSSIBLY know how best to take care of your own body which you’ve been doing for decades?! And right on, Elizabeth, the products all “complement each other” and “work best together.” (I buy moisturizer from Dollar Tree! and I look pretty good if I do say so! I bet you do too.)



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