Short Thought 134

After an incident, I heard him tell his girlfriend, the mother of his baby, that he had almost punched her in the face. He said it twice. He did not sound sorry, concerned, or appalled. He sounded like look what you almost made me do.

10 thoughts on “Short Thought 134

  1. foguth

    Unfortunately too many try to put the blame on others, instead of acknowledging their lack of perfection…. and there are way too many that also see to think their only option is to accept/endure this sort of behavior.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      May I say your analysis hits the spot, Mr Callaghan. Sometimes I think people are (too) reluctant to bring the woman’s motives & psychological makeup into it, but as I thought about this post after the fact, I reflected that financial dependency and no access to contraception – i.e., always knocked up – were once considered the reason “why women stay.” Those can no longer be considered the main reasons why women get with – and stay with – guys like this.

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