Short Thought 132 (perspective)

It’s a miserable, hot July day, one of those where the weatherman says the temperature and humidity combined make it feel like just-kill-me-now. A thought occurred to me. I would have swooned for this day six months ago. In fact, six months ago, I would have paid money to have this day. To walk around in shorts and a tank top, to feel the air against my skin, to not be constantly tensed up, bracing against the chill. To see green and bright colors. Yes, I would have handed over cash for it. Maybe even $30. Suddenly I’m looking at today differently.


21 thoughts on “Short Thought 132 (perspective)

  1. Miriam

    A very good point. We’ve had a couple of those days here this summer, and I struggle with them especially after living in a dry climate for the last three years. But I know in a few months I would be happy for warm and humid 🙂

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      It’s so easy to get caught up in the misery especially when people keep talking about how terrible it is. Humid or not, I’m still happy for you to be back where your heart is.


  2. vanbytheriver

    I get it. I even complained the other night that our Air Conditioning was a bit too cool for me. Really ??? Did I remember being outside for 20 minutes and coming in, needing a shower ?? How soon we forget. ☺

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  3. Cristina

    although i can see the beauty in and appreciate some aspects of the colder season, I find winter overall to be so dark, dreary, and depressing. there are certainly summer days i find stifling and uncomfortable but Id still take them anyday over winter. To me, nothing feels freer than fewer clothes on your body and the sun on your skin.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh, we are kindred spirits here. In the last week or so as I walk around in “dog days” heat, I’ve said to myself several times: think of how much you’d have killed for this very day 6 months ago or 6 months from now. Waiting in the piercing heat at the bus stop yesterday, I was silently thankful I wasn’t all tensed up, shaking & shivering. We are summer girls for sure.

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