I THINK it’s big enough

When I wrote my blog entry about the post office the other day I remembered something from years ago. My older brother had become a mail carrier. After he’d been in the job a little while, I happened to see an envelope he’d addressed for his own purposes. The print size looked like this:
This was NOT how my brother would have addressed a letter prior to being employed by the Post Office. I’m telling you the writing was comically large. I didn’t say anything about it because he was almost certain not to appreciate any commentary but I inwardly mused that I’d had no idea mail carriers could be so touchy about the public’s letter-addressing skills!

Many years later I had the opportunity to see another envelope addressed by my brother. The print size was back to normal-people standards.


4 thoughts on “I THINK it’s big enough

  1. visitingmissouri

    I used to work as a mail carrier, too. Your brother may seem like he’s overreacting, but there’s so many people who will write something down and then cross their finger. Around Christmas time is the worst. I once had a card that had just a street name and first names. Just by looking at all the other cards for that street, I could figure out where it had to go (someone else addressed the people by their first name), but I saw too many that clearly weren’t going to be delivered.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh, it looks to me like mail carriers earn every cent – the weather conditions, the biting dogs, the difficult customers – I surely don’t have the constitution. The temptation to just toss mail like you describe…



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