Short Thought 127 (made-up words)

A lot of people complain about the disintegration of the English language, about how all these made-up words or newly-invented definitions have found their way into the lexicon and even into modern dictionaries. I’ve had my issues with this too and have not been wild about all the new additions to the English language. On the other hand, I got to thinking maybe I could join in the fun and make up my own word usage. I’ve got one to start:

“He was nice enough I guess, but he blanded me to tears.”

10 thoughts on “Short Thought 127 (made-up words)

  1. Jim Link

    Great, Colette! “Blanded” – a beautiful verb……….When teaching high school eons ago I remember clever neologisms used by the teens: rip off (quite vivid and forceful when first coined), far out (which devolved into “way deep”, saddo ( a constantly sad person), snorgasm (a very boring event, as in “Wow, the party was a real snorgasm.” Etc.

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  2. Intuition Calling!

    Mine was, “And so it was that this little bundle of coolness and way out thereness made us laugh.” I was going to google the word thereness and thought better of it. It just simply fit in my story…My definition of Thereness: A state of being.

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