Spinach Salad Deluxe

I never had raw spinach until I was well into adulthood – like many, I used to cringe at the word “spinach” alone, courtesy memories of over-boiled, bitter clumps of green mush served at family dinners (Popeye cartoons not withstanding). Fresh, raw spinach, especially when it’s young & tender, is an entirely different vegetable as well as a nutrient powerhouse.

I tend to plan my eating/meals around grocery sales. I had the excellent fortune to get an 8oz bag of spinach for $1.25 (the loosely sold spinach usually looks bad, old, or tough), an 8oz carton of mushrooms for $1.50, and vine-ripe tomatoes for .99/lb. (The ad said the tomatoes were $1.49/lb which was okay, but my heart actually jumped when I saw the price would be even better!) I immediately began to think of the scrumptious salad I would have…

Once home and prepping my salad, I decided to go for it and add lots of other delights:

Tomato sliced up
Mushrooms sliced
Hard boiled egg
Dill pickle sliced
Raw, unsalted Sunflower Seeds
Half can tuna
A few rinsed capers
Provolone cheese
Red onion
Nutritional Yeast
Fresh ground Black Pepper
Canola oil
White Wine Vinegar

(If I’d some cooked beans on hand, like chickpeas, I’d have thrown those in too, but I didn’t.)

I love eating like this and especially the sustained energy it gives me. It was DELICIOUS.


10 thoughts on “Spinach Salad Deluxe

  1. A.PROMPTreply

    I am also a latecomer to fresh spinach…it is divine. I also remember those family dinners with the soggy lumps from the spinach can…..bleh. I have a little sandwich shop up here that we’ve found that only uses spinach…no lettuce on premises at all! People would be amazed at the difference this makes in a sandwich. Definitely a much better thing!

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Yes! Spinach has such good flavor. I am envious of this sandwich shop; I admit I’ve never thought to put spinach in a sandwich but of course! What kind of sandwiches do you get?


      1. A.PROMPTreply

        An interesting story….this little shop is called Picasso’s and it’s all themed around art….the tables look like palettes and the sandwiches all have names like Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel, The Thinker, etc. It’s a most interesting place. Anyway, since I don’t consume meat, I get a veggie sandwich, the Self-Portrait as you pick and choose which veggies you want on it. Check out the menu…..you’ll be wanting to come for a visit! http://www.picassoserie.com/menu

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  2. vanbytheriver

    We never had spinach growing up. No doubt, the parents didn’t like it either. Now, it’s a favorite as salad. My spring version…grilled, seasoned chicken strips (my own),strawberries, toasted almonds, spinach with a poppy seed vinaigrette, side of fruit bread (banana, blueberry, cranberry orange). Simple, effective ! ☺ Your savory version looks great. Do you always rinse the capers ? too salty ?

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Sounds wonderful, so fresh. I’ve gotten into a habit of rinsing olives, capers, etcetera because I LOVE them all so much but am well aware none of us need extra salt. I’m not sure it accomplishes a lot in terms of “de-salting” but it seems like a good idea.

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