A little while ago I did a post on signs in my community. This one has since appeared at the elementary school. Imagine the possibilities…

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        1. writerinsoul Post author

          Tell me more, Van. (This may sound arrogant but there was a line in Memoirs of A Geisha that said how rare it was for two ducks – or geese? – to produce a swan, and that if the swan stayed with them it would die.)

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          1. vanbytheriver

            Whoa…I had just had a flashback to that horrid makeover show called “The Swan”, where they take an ugly duckling and transform her…anyhoo.

            Most eastern philosophies have the concept of reincarnation as a true entity. Your soul/spirit will keep returning to life as long as there are lessons that went unlearned in a previous one. That being said, it is feasible that we are born into families that have something to teach us about ourselves. My apologies for the over-simplification. But it could mean that we do in fact select our parents, in a spiritual sense. (biology aside). ???

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            1. vanbytheriver

              That’s just one of the ways it gets complicated. For my family, we siblings walked a very different path, and responded to/learned from our situation in diverse ways. Our personalities have always been so different, maybe our level of personal development/wisdom falls in that same line. I sure don’t have the answers, but I’m fascinated by the questions….cue Twilight Zone theme music. ☺

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