Outfit for a hot, late Spring evening with chance of rain (bargain style)

What to wear out during an unusual hot spell? I was going to be outside, inside with air conditioning, and possibly subjected to heavy rain, all in one evening. I came up with this.

Spring is yard sale time – people love themselves a yard sale here! – and one Saturday about a month ago, a street in my community coordinated to have a bunch of yard sales at the same time. They even provided maps of the participating houses. At one stop, a young woman, early college-age, was selling clothes at her parents’ house. Clothes at yard sales are a good option because most yard sale attendees don’t want to fool around rooting through piles of clothes (leaving them for people like me to snap up) and they are generally priced to move.

The clothes were $1. I spied this flowy, printed top. Other than the print, which immediately attracted me, it wasn’t my usual style, but I wanted to be open to something different. It had a long black camisole sewn in with that pretty partial lace back, a unique and unexpected detail. 100% polyester, it was light and flowy. When I paid the young woman, who was easily a head shorter than me, she referred to it as a dress. A dress??! Oh my! Not in my youngest years would I have ever considered wearing this as a dress; I’m tall, yes, but even when I wear short dresses, I shy from the sort that can fly up!

I paired it with $6 leggings purchased from Amazon earlier this year and rain boots that I treated myself to several years back. I’d long wanted cute rain boots and I’ve gotten a lot of use from these, which happened to match the top. Rain boots make me happier about rainy days! (But there will be no ducks, frogs, etcetera on them for moi; grown-up is the objective.)

That’s my “every day” purse and an umbrella that won’t compete with the rest of the colorful ensemble. I thought somewhat bohemian jewelry would go well. These are earrings I made paired with a beautiful ring (that fits my pointer finger) which I purchased at a big second-hand jewelry sale.

In keeping with the theme, I wore my hair down, also kind of “loose and flowy.” I was very comfortable and happy in this outfit, even though it didn’t rain after all.


14 thoughts on “Outfit for a hot, late Spring evening with chance of rain (bargain style)

  1. vanbytheriver

    You’re right about the yard sale clothing going unsold, especially if they just mound it on tarps on blankets instead of hanging them somehow. It often doesn’t seem worth the energy to dig through…or the back bending !! Yours was a nice find, and a stylish pairing with accessories. I bought my first rain boots this year…bright red. Folks see me arriving !! ☺

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh Van, red was my first choice too! Funny that. But these were a good deal; I didn’t want to go over $20! Where’d you get yours?

      You know those yard sale tarps? I make myself to home and sit or kneel on the edge and reach things close by for a look. Then I move (sometimes crawl) to another spot.

      (Thanks for the compliment too.)

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thank you! Wellies are a brand, right? Or is it another word for rain boots too? You are so right – they are beautiful now, not all boring and utilitarian.


      1. A.PROMPTreply

        Hmm….you know, I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it this much, but I’ve always used the term wellies to mean a rain boot. I think somewhere back in the day there was a Wellington boot, but I have no idea how we got from that to Wellies. Anyway, your wellies are too cute!

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