This is not mine but I see it every year and every year it knocks me sideways. How can it do that?! I only recently learned the variety is likely “Conversation Piece,” which is perfect.






20 thoughts on “Azalea

        1. writerinsoul Post author

          Been there. With old sheets, rags, and upside down empty plant pots as covers. It’s like nature wants to assert its rights to that “last threat of frost” date on the calendar.

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          1. LadyPinkRose

            We made it through the night! The Jack Frost skipped us. LOL Oh thank heavens! I can breathe again!!! Whew! Yes I do remember past years of doing exactly as you did, but this year, I just prayed (secured my gardens with my presence and Love), brought in all hanging baskets, and hoped for the best. Bright and sunny today, clear blue sky … just perfect for shooting in the park today and for my evening adventures ….. Have a great weekend, my friend!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❀

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