Short Thought 120 (bamboo)

This’ll mean more if you’ve ever tried to remove bamboo from where it’s growing. A fellow on a local online group said bamboo was invading his yard and asked for suggestions on how to get rid of it. Along with expected comments about how god-awful bamboo is and standard advice of digging every last bit out and installing a deep barrier in the soil came this comment:

Gonna have to move bro

14 thoughts on “Short Thought 120 (bamboo)

      1. Kate Crimmins

        I was a wild vine. Maybe wild morning glory. The vines are the worst. They multiply underground and there is no way you can get every last root. They only need a little piece of root to start up again. I heard about bamboo. It’s invasive if planted in our area too.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Ha! Yes, I typically don’t condone people chiming in with nothing to add but this makes me laugh every time I read it. (Hope the homeowner was amused.)



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