“Green” Drink

An easy way to get more fruits & veggies into your diet is to drink them. I’ve had a green drink recipe kicking around awhile but hadn’t tried it (I don’t think the experiment I once did spontaneously with fruit and canned spinach – it was nasty – really counts).

The other day at the local Farmers Market I had the good fortune to buy a sizeable bag of kale for $2. Kale is a cool weather vegetable, meaning it’ll taste better when/grown eaten in cool weather, therefore it’s getting a bit late for it. However, I had a lot more confidence in what a bonafide farmer was selling than any kale being sold in grocery stores – which tends to look old & tough – at this or any time of year. I was not disappointed! I tried a few pieces raw and they tasted great.

I doctored the short recipe I had to omit cucumber (not a big fan) and include fruits.

Into the blender I put

*3 stalks of celery, washed & cut
*A big batch of rinsed kale (with thickest stems removed)
*A handful of frozen strawberries
*Half a frozen banana, sliced

Yum! It was really good. I didn’t have to force myself to drink it, I wanted to. I’ll grant you, the color was suggestive of pea soup, but once you get past that, it’s tasty. I think the sweetness of the fruit makes a big difference. This made enough for 2 drinks so I put the remainder in the fridge for the next day.

24 thoughts on ““Green” Drink

  1. battlewagon13

    Every morning when she leaves for work, the jolly green giant (my wife) pops a bunch of green things in a blender and then drunks it. No recipe, no plan, the greener the better. It’s a literal disaster and she loves it.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      At first I thought you were going to say she handed it off to YOU. Silly me.

      (Personally, I have learned the folly of “winging it” when mixing up healthy stuff.)


  2. vanbytheriver

    Visions of the Ghostbusters’ river of slime come to mind. I drank kale smoothies every day for about half of the year 2012. I used an assortment of berries that I’d frozen, as well as protein powders, etc.When I started adding extracts (vanilla, orange, almond),I knew I was on my way to a cocktail. They gave me tremendous energy, but so did my morning coffee. Like most food fads, they grew tiresome, and I haven’t had one since then. Enjoy while it lasts ! ☺ Van

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