Short Thought 119 (court talk)

On Judge Judy (and I imagine other court TV shows), when people repeat things they’ve clearly heard previously on TV shows and in movies such as, “Your Honor, may I approach the bench?” rather than sounding informed and savvy, they sound affected and dopey. I remind myself should I ever be in their position, I’d be wise to avoid using these cliched phrases but can see where, especially being in a nervous or unfamiliar state, the hackneyed lines would be the first ones to come to mind.


7 thoughts on “Short Thought 119 (court talk)

  1. siriusbizinus

    Just a FYI, asking to approach the bench (or asking to go anywhere in a courtroom) is required because the bailiff might be on you in a heartbeat. Also, the judge can throw you in contempt for moving around too much, as it might disrupt proceedings.

    Another interesting thing is that these people don’t really have to say anything, because on shows like this these are arbitrations. Judge Judy isn’t technically a judge on her show. The People’s Court isn’t a court. That’s also why objections are out of place.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Well, Judy definitely mocks the people who pipe up with “I object!” (while the “audience” snickers).

      It’s the phrasing – not the fact of asking to approach – that sounds goofy in context.

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  2. battlewagon13

    I’m just the opposite. I can’t wait to get into a courtroom and be able to say every stupid court line I’ve ever heard. I had the pleasure of appearing over 40 times in court when I was a plainclothes security guard and never got to once utter the “I strenuously object” line.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh! Maybe you could just inserting these lines into everyday conversation. Liven things up a bit.

      Cashier: “Is it ok if I give you your change all in nickels?”

      You: “I strenuously object!”



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