Short Thought 117 (Queen Bees)

Queen Bees generally don’t like me. Not because I’m a Queen Bee – I’m not – but because offering unquestioning admiration, agreement, and allegiance (to anyone) has never been my strong suit. I have a pesky way of thinking for myself, even when the outcome of those deliberations is contrary to popular opinion.

13 thoughts on “Short Thought 117 (Queen Bees)

  1. Angie Mc

    I use a royal metaphor here, too, but in mine I’m a Queen! Basically, I’m not the princess. Princesses are silly things who “offer unquestioning admiration, agreement, and allegiance (to anyone)” and worse, take no responsibility for anything. They are the ones who feel that the “little people” should do their work. So by my metaphor, you’re a Queen too, Colette, in all the best ways πŸ˜€


      1. Angie Mc

        My metaphor came out of the need for me to explain the difference between the women surrounding me! It’s sweet to be a princess when you’re a girl, all blinged out in dress up clothes. But at some point the princess needs to grow up and not expect the world to spin around her and her helplessness. As for the Queens I know, we’ve earned our crown, serve with dignity, and never Lord it over. Is your Queen Bee work related? My metaphor helps me in social and volunteer settings. Princesses are known for trying to turn others into their slaves. Ummm no πŸ™‚



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