Let’s fix up a roadside table!

Yesterday I decided to take a bent metal pole to our community recycling area. Generally, stuff – cans, bottles, newspapers – are picked up but larger items usually aren’t. (If the recycling guys don’t want to take something, it gets tossed back out of your bin. If memory serves, they rejected the pole.)

It was cold but otherwise nice to go for a walk (carrying a pole). Once at the recycling area, I took a quick look around. People aren’t supposed to leave trash and other items but they do. I saw a couple hefty bags that had men’s shoes and decorative little boxes falling out. I do draw the scavenging line at rooting around in mystery hefty bags so I let that be. As I turned to go, I suddenly spied a sweet little table on the lot, tucked between two huge recycling containers. A find! It appeared to have a stone/marble top and wooden base. I quickly scooted over and soon saw why it had been abandoned. Not because it was recyclable – it wasn’t – but because the top had broken away from the bottom. It was an odd piece, with a nice-looking heavy top and real wood, yet the important piece that held the two together was some kind of press board crap which had simply split in two.
I gingerly carried the two pieces the mile back home; I really didn’t want the top to slip from my gloved hand and smash into bits on the sidewalk before I had a chance to repair it. Although clearly not high-end furniture, it looked okay but the style was a little conservative and darker than I prefer.

So I decided to paint the base. Initially, looking at what was on hand, I considered white but realized that would be too much of a contrast from the dark top. Instead I opted for two shades of green I had – very pleased I thought to combine two. The two sections easily unscrewed.

I put two coats on the legs and three on the post. Then I used the strongest glue I have to glue the broken press board piece and once again unite top and bottom.

Here it is all of a piece.
The measuring cup helps show size. It’s just a little thing; two feet tall, 11.5″ diameter.

There’s several ways I could use this little table, like next to a chair to hold a cup or glass, or as a plant stand, but I decided to start it out as a lamp stand, which I needed. The lamp – which somebody threw out I’ll have you know! With a pricey, working CFL bulb in it! – I found earlier in the winter, is 25″ tall and a perfect balance to the table. (Knowing me, I may swipe it away and have a plant on it by next week.)


9 thoughts on “Let’s fix up a roadside table!

  1. Deb

    Have you thought of renting yourself out to accompany folks on flea market excursions…you seem to have an eye toward the idea of making something old new and useful again

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