Short Thought 116 (mail carriers)

A mail carrier told me he wears out a pair of shoes in 6 months. He said the standard issue shoes from the post office weren’t all that great so he buys his own. He showed me the soles of his shoes and they were indeed about worn through. I would have never thought of this; i.e. wearing out shoes delivering mail. How many miles must a carrier walk? A lot I guess! And then I thought about how I’ve never seen an overweight mail carrier – usually they are lean muscle.


4 thoughts on “Short Thought 116 (mail carriers)

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      And thank you for commenting. I agree – so much serves quietly as “back drops” in our lives. The big, noisy stuff clamors for attention, but the little stuff can be so interesting to us curious types! –Colette

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