Short Thought 110 (emails)

People can get very brave in emails, dangerously so. More than once, I’ve received an email and after reading it, remarked calmly, but with absolute conviction to the screen, “I don’t believe I’d have said that.”

9 thoughts on “Short Thought 110 (emails)

  1. daveb42

    Absolutely correct. People will say things with a keyboard that they would never say in person or even on the phone. Something about the appearance of anonymity. However, John has a point. Out here, with the presence of alcohol, best friends and family members get shot for things they say. At least that doesn’t happen when you are using a keyboard.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      It’s probably hard to quantify how much trouble keyboards have caused; I hear Facebook has been the source of a lot of ugly business. The thing about an email is, doesn’t the person, assuming you know them, realize there’s likely to be consequences for what they write? They kind of act like they don’t, as if it doesn’t really count.


      1. daveb42

        You would think people would consider consequences when they write something, but there are evidently people who don’t. How many news items a week occur because people don’t remember that anything they put on the net remains there forever (SnapChat not withstanding)? How many people send stuff out thinking that no one will notice? How many members of Congress do that? Remember Anthony Wiener? Being smart doesn’t mean that you aren’t also stupid!

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