Short Thought 109 (expressions)

(I was thinking about writing this post for the last week and today I (serendipitously) saw a similarly themed post on Vanbytheriver.)

When I was a teenager, I specifically remember reading in a girls’ magazine the recommendation that the reader stop making facial expressions in order to prevent wrinkles later in life. Even then, I was shocked by this “advice” and readily dismissed it. What a thing to tell impressionable young women.

Can you imagine a boys’ or mens’ publication making such an absurd suggestion? Boys, stop smiling, raising your eyebrows, and frowning now if you want to be hired for jobs or get women to have sex with you later in life.

5 thoughts on “Short Thought 109 (expressions)

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Absurd yes, but sadly, there are no doubt girls who took the “advice.” (And grown women who take it in the sense that they’ll have surgery to remove their lines/expressions.) Unfortunately, I think it’s just as tough or tougher to be a young girl now. Thanks for weighing in, eyebrows-n-all.



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