Short Thought 106 (customer service)

You know what I hate? When the customer service person says, “Can I help you with anything else today?” AFTER THEY DIDN’T HELP ME WITH THE FIRST THING.


7 thoughts on “Short Thought 106 (customer service)

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    I had a brand new printer that would not print photos correctly. I had that same conversation with probably the same customer service person. When I got the question, I answered “Sure, can you help me box this up so I can take it back and get a Brand X printer which will likely work the way it is supposed to.”

    Epilog: The replacement printer worked correctly out of the box.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Haha! Good for you. I haven’t dared (yet?) to make a smart remark, in part because I think it would elicit silence or a blank stare, but I get tempted.

      It is delicious vindication when you go elsewhere and it’s made right. Restores a bit of faith.



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