Things Men Have Said to Me (#17)

(A man well into middle-age, who I’d met previously, in the exact same location we were now in, introduced himself. Surprised, I told him we’d met before, here.)

HIM (straight-faced, not joking): “You must not have made much of an impression on me. Maybe you will this time.”

ME (turning away): “Maybe not.”

18 thoughts on “Things Men Have Said to Me (#17)

  1. swo8

    I had an older man say to me once “women are either very stupid or ugly”. I won’t call him a gentleman because that was a no win statement. In other words, I was either beautiful and stupid or ugly and smart. I though of him as ugly and stupid.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I’ve never heard quite his “spin” on that saying before. I can surely see why such a charming (not) statement would stick with you. Men like that have an especially difficult time with women who are both beautiful and smart (Who they’re likely to classify as “dykes,” “bitches,” or both, oh my!) –Colette



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