Things Men Have Said To Me (#15)

I was having a conversation with a man and I said how much I enjoyed Judge Judy.

HIM: “I don’t like her. She’s too judgemental.”

ME: “But she’s a judge!”

13 thoughts on “Things Men Have Said To Me (#15)

  1. Andrew Davis

    I am a Judge Faith fan. And though she and I are in sync most times, the times she and I are not clicking is when she uses her judge authority to promote her personal feelings and play to the court audience rather than dispensing justice based upon the facts at hand. Sometimes… she’s a little judgmental.
    But your exchange is funny nonetheless.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Although Judy freely dispenses her opinions, she makes a clear distinction between them and the law (like when she says doing a certain thing would be ethically correct.)

      Not sure I know Faith… I like Judge Milian but can’t tolerate most TV judges!



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