Of wit and radio stations

Listeners can call in to a local radio station and leave messages on a recording that might get played on the air. About two years ago, I got into the spirit and left a bunch of funny messages, whenever inspiration struck. The station wasn’t exactly high-brow and had no actual DJs but instead a snarky voiceover character like TMZ.

Comments could be anything at all, and many were sort of directed at the fictitious DJ/voiceover guy. A lot of the listeners’ comments that got played, though, were just stupid, not even stupid-funny. To this day, they repeatedly play a comment of a redneck-y guy saying, as if it’s a great witticism, “You all suck.” Another Shakespearean gem from a listener that gets regular play: “I don’t know what the heck your problem is in there, you jerks. I’m gonna stop listening to you, a’right, I’m signing off.” Well, that sure warrants getting played at least once per day. [Insert eye roll.]

Probably 8 or so of my comments got played, that I happened to hear anyway. Since it’s been awhile, mostly I don’t remember what I said but I do remember this one:

“Look, are you gonna come get this goat or what?”

I haven’t heard any of my old comments played in a long time (even though I don’t remember them all, I recognize my voice & style when I did hear them). Writing this post put me in the mood to leave a message again today:

“You’ve been very, very bad this year, and I’m afraid Santa is going to have to bring you the sing-along soundtrack to Frozen.

17 thoughts on “Of wit and radio stations

  1. Andrew Davis

    what a delightfully random post! And I may the last person in the United States who has never heard “Let It Go”. Not having kids helps. One of the endearing things about Howard Stern ( yes, I’m serious) are his little comments and throwaways which on other radio stations are thoughtlessly uninspired ( like humor on Fox News) but with Stern he is interested in giving his audience what they want rather than being clever and it has worked for him for over 30 years. Given your non-sequitor radio message I think you’d dig the singer-guitarist Jenny Owen Youngs. Her lyrics are only bested by her on stage persona.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thanks! I was very late to “Frozen”, having attempted to watch the DVD about a week ago and not getting through it. I thought the songs were lame and didn’t see how “Let it Go” even fit what was happening at that point in the film. (The character was not “letting it go” so I just didn’t get it.)

      The station favors strange non-sequitor messages but I think I got a little too fancy for them for a time. Thanks for the singer recommendation – don’t know her.


  2. battlewagon13

    You know what? I love the movie ‘Frozen’ and I love its soundtrack. Unfollow me if you must, but I have to stand up for what I believe in. Unlesss you don’t want me to. Then I’ll cave. Thank you for your attention.

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