No Good Days to Kill Plant Pests

I picked up a free 2015 calendar at the small local grocery store. They offer one every year, which is nice. This year’s calendar is a bit peculiar. It’s fairly generic so far as the “scenic inspirations” photos. The odd thing is that it features a fishing guide. No, fishing is not big here. I’ve certainly never fished. I’ve never even watched anyone fish.

See the little fishies on every date?

See the little fishies on every date?

Thing is, according to the key, WHERE is “best, fair, good, or poor” fishing?? Are they telling me I could go ANYWHERE and these would be the fishing conditions? Or do they mean a specific area in the country or world, like an ice hole in Antarctica? The calendar is mum on this question; I looked all over it for any identifying information, even the publisher, and all it says is “Printed in U.S.A.” It’s kinda sad when no one wants to claim a product. Nope, not us! We’re not putting our name on that thing.

In January’s upper corner is a small planting guide “according to moon signs” (again: for where??).
What got my attention is the claim there’s “No Good Days” to kill plant pests this month. Au contraire! Every day is a good day to kill – oh, okay, at least deter – plant pests, although admittedly, they’re not generally a big problem in January. (That said, I fling slugs away any time I find them year-round. The calendar doesn’t say when slug slinging is advisable.)

8 thoughts on “No Good Days to Kill Plant Pests

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I had an idea they stole/borrowed this from a Farmers Almanac. But I’m not familiar enough with them to know if they use the phrase “No good days.” Well, I don’t aim to do any planting or fishing anyway!

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  1. daveb42

    Here is some somewhat more nuanced advice on planting seed beds from someone—I don’t know who, they wouldn’t say. “If you have to use a pick to dig frozen ground, planting seed beds is not advised.” Hope this helps.

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  2. John Callaghan

    Maybe the grocery store picked these calanders up at a Liquidaters/Clearinghouse. They may have been meant for a specific region but either too many were made or the calanders weren’t needed or used. Maybe it was a money dispute or someone went out of business. But I’m just speculating.

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