Short Thought 88 (pasta)

I was talking with a friend on the phone and we were discussing food. As a huge lover of pasta, I admitted I probably had 15 boxes on-hand. For me. Alone. As I said it, I allowed that it made me sound like one of those “preppers” but added I wasn’t afraid of Armageddon, just being hungry!

I later took a count. I was mistaken. There were 18 boxes.

14 thoughts on “Short Thought 88 (pasta)

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    Maybe you can call your friend back with the updated count and say “not only am I afraid of getting hungry, I’m afraid of getting really, really hungry.”

    Related note: I counted ours – we have 8 boxes at the moment, but I had already used 3 for Thanksgiving and the girls had cooked up 2 more last Monday.

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      1. Dennis Wagoner

        I made a double-batch of macaroni and cheese using elbows. You will be able to see it in Monday’s post.

        The girls used rotini covered by tomato chunks, butter and pepper.

        By the way, some of our remaining pasta is the green, orange, natural color mix. We are a diverse consumer of pasta in this house.

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