Short Thought 81 (“partner”)

I’ve figured out what my problem is with the use of the word partner when someone, gay or straight, is referring to their “significant other.” It’s all those Western movies I saw on TV as a kid. In my head I hear:

“We’ve been riding hard for days and ain’t seen nothing but tumbleweeds and rattlesnakes since El Paso. My pard’ner and I would be mighty obliged, Ma’am, if’n you’d see fit to rustle up some of them fine vittles and let us bunk down in your stable for the night.”


6 thoughts on “Short Thought 81 (“partner”)

    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh yeah, it’s no good either, too long, too awkward. You’re quite right about the Significant part and “Other” is not a cozy word at all (the “bad” people on Lost were called “the Others.)


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      I feel like it’s intentionally vague. People could simply say “we’re together” and be understood. “He’s with me.”

      Not so sure it’s about being PC; manners and not prying still have a place – I hope so anyway!



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