Short Thought 80 (kicking yourself)

I kick myself every time I let a particular person in my life draw me into a petty and pointless discussion. On the plus side, I am kicking myself less these days. So there is that.


4 thoughts on “Short Thought 80 (kicking yourself)

  1. Jim Link

    Oh yeah, Colette! Haven’t we all been prone to allowing that at some time or other? My wise sister always nudges me in the right direction by pointing out that I can’t change him but I can change my response or attitude toward him and that I should “stop letting him live rent free in your mind”…….

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      She’s right of course! I think we do it because this time we think/hope it will go differently. For me, it’s a matter of losing my investment in how things turn out, i.e., the parts I don’t control.



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