Short Thought 76 (jerks)

Sporadically, probably not often enough, when someone is being a jerk to me, I pretend not to notice. It can be effective because it strips them of a target and it feels kind of good to not allow myself to be engaged at that level. It isn’t my first instinct, though. Or second.

10 thoughts on “Short Thought 76 (jerks)

  1. Andrew Davis

    Maybe if jerks were the majority of people we’d be able to deal with better. For me, it’s always a surprise when someone chooses to hurt someone in order to get their needs met.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Ah, too many variabilities with email (never got there, went to Spam, etc.)

      What’s bad is when you have to ask “Did you get my (important) email?” and the person says yes.



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