No Expiration Date


I found this coupon from 1986 in an old magazine. I figure if I just sit on it another 22 years, I can have a little fun trying to redeem it, hopefully somewhere they double coupons. I can picture the local headlines…

Band-Aid© coupon surfaces after 50 years

Store refuses to honor.

Lady insists on seeing Manager; says “No expiration.”


11 thoughts on “No Expiration Date

      1. vanbytheriver

        Meh…still have a mortgage. You are one of the rare few who are debt-free ! Impressive.
        Funny thing is..we raised 2 children who are polar opposites about spending/saving. Not sure how that happened !

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        1. writerinsoul Post author

          Um, I don’t own squat either, so there’s that. And you have something for your debt (many don’t. Just flushed away.)

          Don’t kids either embody or rebel against their parent’s ways? My mother pinched the hell out of a poor penny. (More than was needed.)

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          1. vanbytheriver

            My parents entertained a lot. I thought they were extravagant in that, so I never appreciated the social life until they were gone. They spent it as soon as they made it, but it worked for them. I got my economics from grandparents…who lived through the Depression (both kinds) and learned to survive on very little. Not sure…maybe a bit of genetics ?

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            1. writerinsoul Post author

              “Both kinds,” I like that. Indeed.

              My parents were old enough to be my grandparents and they also were hugely affected by the Depression. My mother saved, my father (comparatively) spent.

              If it was genetics, wouldn’t you be living the high life, throwing extravagant soirees? Just thinkin’.

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            2. vanbytheriver

              No. I came to resent the revolving door to our home. Everyone brought home guests, especially my dad, and often they were invited to stay for dinner. They cut into our share, which was already a bit many mouths to feed. It got old for my mom, especially when she was down/sick and was expected to smile, business as usual. It gets complicated…I was drawn to my husband, a far more private person. I’d seen enough of the socialites. Wow..then, that just came out !

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            3. writerinsoul Post author

              That’s very interesting, thanks for telling me. A lot of people came & went from our home too but it was more casual – not professionals or anyone from my father’s work. They were relatives or family friends. Especially at holidays, the house was jumping. It did mean less of what already wasn’t doled generously BUT it also meant family members, my parents in particular, had to act a bit more civilly and I liked that reprieve very much.


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