Short Thought 75 (Yes, but…)

There’s a saying that 90% of what people worry about never happens. I’ve tried to see the wisdom in this, at least in hindsight: “See? You did all that stewing and for what?” Another part of me is thinking, “Yes, but…” Yes, but a lot of bad stuff did happen. Maybe not necessarily the stuff I was worried about, but other bad stuff. So I’m thinking that Pearl of Wisdom about the 90% isn’t so very comforting after all.

7 thoughts on “Short Thought 75 (Yes, but…)

  1. stillunwinding

    I’m a compulsive worrier. Recently, someone pointed out to me that when you worry about something that might happen, you can end up living it twice. It made sense at the time – but it hasn’t stopped me worrying!



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