Short Thought 73 (numbers vs words)

I never know what numerical date it is. I usually know if it’s Monday or Thursday, but sometimes I get so mixed up on the date, I can be in the wrong week. I don’t know addresses; do they live at 36 or 38? Birthdays? Forget it. I know the month, but the dates get mixed up. Was she born on August 10th or the 11th? You got me.

It took a surprisingly long while to realize I remember words. Not numbers. Some people think in terms of numbers – trust me, I’ve met them – but it makes sense that as a lifetime reader and writer, I think in terms of language.


5 thoughts on “Short Thought 73 (numbers vs words)

  1. John Callaghan

    That is so weird. I like to call myself numerically illiterate because I have such a tenuous grasp on numbers and anything mathematical. I have the exact same problem you have just described. But I’ve always been able to retain, in decent detail, quite a bit of what I read.


    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh yeah! Don’t know if you had these in Canada, but I always did well on standardized tests involving language retention. And– I’m good at remembering things people say. (I’m too cheap to pay for a Mensa test, but am pretty sure numbers would give me the boot anyway.)

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  2. Cristina

    I completely relate! I can’t remember birth dates either, but I always know the birth month. And my husband and I frustrate one another completely when exchanging directions. He always says, “turn at the 3rd light then turn again at the 2nd light” and I’m always like “turn on Main street and then turn on East street” I don’t know how many intersections you cross over, I just know/want the street name to turn on, and he can never tell me the street!

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Ha ha! You two have all the bases covered! I wonder how much of this falls along gender lines? If I concentrate really hard, I can follow 2nd this and 3rd that, but do much better with “turn at the big red barn” or it’s on “McDoogle St” because they’re concrete and harder to screw up.

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