October 9, 2014

My blog is 6 months old. I want to thank those who’ve read it, who’ve commented, who’ve “liked,” who’ve followed, and who’ve anonymously added to my “stats” by stopping by, bloggers and not. Without you, without evidence there are people “out there,” I can’t imagine that I’d have maintained the interest to keep at it. I know myself; I’d have gotten frustrated/discouraged (more than the occasional why-am-I-doing-this mucky moment).

It really is a symbiotic relationship, something I didn’t quite comprehend before starting. What would be the point in writing a blog if no one read it? (Modern conundrum: If you wrote a blog and no one read it, would it still be a blog?) Before starting, I had a vague idea I’d have readers and they’d probably be strangers, but I didn’t have a clue where they’d come from. The not-knowing what would happen was the most nerve-inducing aspect. To jump-start the blog and commit to it, I even published several posts before telling anyone of its existence. That actually helped!

It wasn’t all that long ago in fact, that I read most blogs don’t make it past 3 months. That certainly got my attention (and I’m glad I didn’t know that before starting). Still, I know I have more in me. This blog is a fabulous outlet and I’ve developed a real affection for it. I love having a place to put what I have to say, to write. In this endeavor, I know I’m doing what I should be doing, what I am meant to be doing. Thanks for coming along. Let’s keep having some fun.

14 thoughts on “It’s an anniversary! (but no presents, no cake)

  1. C. E. Robinson

    Congratulations! From the looks of you site and what you have accomplished so far, I’d think it was longer than 6 months. Didn’t know about the 3 month failure mark…glad I made past that too! Funny thing, it’s six months for my blog site too. The start was an Intro Beginners Blogging course that put me in panic mode. It was much too hard for a true beginner.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Yes, best not to know about that 3-month business! Oh, you were smart enough to take a class… I let myself read precisely one online article (knowing I’d get overwhelmed by more) and jumped in. Thanks for your encouragement and Happy 6 months yourself.

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  2. battlewagon13

    Congratulations a month late! I’m glad you’ve taken to this and seem to have ideas flow so easily. I’ve been doing it almost two years now and while I don’t have a ton of readers, I do like having met people like you and shared part of the process. So here’s to another 6 (well, now 5) more and let’s get it to a year.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thanks Tim. As I’ve told you before, you were a big part of adding to the experience of my early months here. You know also I’m a fan of your blog. Perhaps it’s not the number of readers but the quality?

      I certainly expect to make it to that year mark!



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