Short Thought 59 (older people)

When I was younger I thought old people were nice, harmless even, like they had to be. Why, I don’t know. I believed I should be respectful and deferential toward them too, like I had to be.

My belief started to shift when I had several senior people as neighbors. At first I assumed they were nice, but in time saw that these particular people were better described with words like selfish, mean, gossipy, and unpleasant. I realized they had probably ALWAYS been that way, or for a long while at least. I remained respectful but in this instance, deference had to go.

2 thoughts on “Short Thought 59 (older people)

  1. Jim Link

    Yeah, Colette, I have aged relatives whom I’ve discovered are mean, petty, racist, selfish and perhaps worst – absolutely set in their ways……..They treated me with love ,affection, even doted on me as a child, but now it’s a different game. I don’t challenge them, but I walk on eggshells around them.
    Sometimes I ask myself what’s to prevent me from becoming like them later?

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Oh yes. Children with no strong opinions who aren’t much of a challenge are much easier to love. But if said child dares to grow up, develop opinions, and gets to know older relatives, it’s a different game as you say. They probably didn’t change; you did.



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