Working my way back to “you”

I like being active; whether it’s exercising, or gardening, or making stuff, or going out and doing things from recreational to cultural to sight-seeing. I diligently keep up with my obligations, commitments, shopping, cooking, paperwork, and chores. But I have to say my favorite thing is achieving that feeling when everything I need to do for the time being is done, when I’m caught up, and I can stop and simply relax with nothing on the agenda (“free time” is one of my all-time favorite phrases and concepts).

Even though there are many things I enjoy doing and I’m energetic by nature, the state of all-is-done-and-all-is-well, is the one I am repeatedly working my way back to. It’s not an achievable constant – the place I’ve described isn’t one a living person can kick back and stay in, nor do I think I would want to. I expect its value comes from its fleeting nature and the fact I have to earn it. Over and over and over.


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