Short Thought 57 (opus/life/death)

I read a blog post that got me to thinking. The writer was talking about how every artist has that one thing they are meant to do, that singular creation that is a cumulation of all they are and have done, their defining moment.

What I’m wondering isn’t exactly about that, but related. How many people, artists or not, get to the end of their lives, and think: Yes, I got that down. I did this life business well. I nailed it. I was taking names & numbers. I made my mark. I turned that mother out. Most, many, some, a few?


5 thoughts on “Short Thought 57 (opus/life/death)

  1. Jim Link

    After many defeats,detours, failures, I think many people just decide that what they’ve actually done/achieved is good enough. Goals change, talents change, people change…..That man/woman at the end of his/her life is very different from the aspiring competitor/idealist at age 18……..

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