Short Thought 56 (polystraight

I was looking at curtains online, a subject I don’t know a whole lot about. There’s quite a bit of curtain lingo. I came across the term, polystraight. I googled but couldn’t figure out what it meant about the fabric. It sure sounds as if it should, like Dan Savage’s coined monagamish, refer to a sort of sexual orientation:

“Bob and Jean have sex with other people yes, but only with their respective opposite gender. They’re polystraight.”

9 thoughts on “Short Thought 56 (polystraight

  1. Geraint Isitt

    Never heard the term before. Now I’ll try and use it. Who knew shopping for curtains could be so much fun. I’m guessing in the vivid and exotic world of curtains and drapes, polystraight refers to a material blend. I know, I’ve made this unfunny now.

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