Short Thought 53 (rotten child)

I grew up in a dictatorship, which as a form of child-rearing, I really can’t recommend. These days I see many parents doing quite the opposite, treating their children’s voices as equal to – or worse – even trumping, their own. They are the parents over-explaining and placating, who offer a myriad of choices for every occasion: from clothes, to entertainment options, to meals, to toys, and to vacations. And what does the youngster delightfully say to the proffered breadth of options? “NO, NO, NO.” The parents may believe they’re creating a self-actualized human being but evidence suggests they’re creating an entitled mini-jerk who can’t be satisfied.

5 thoughts on “Short Thought 53 (rotten child)

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    With one happily married daughter and five more teenage daughters at home, I am right in the middle of the ‘let me make my own decisions’ dilemma!! Doing the balancing act between over-control to no-control is an issue we deal with daily. But no one said it would be easy, eh?

    Enjoyed your post! Thanks!

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