“Tell me about the rabbits…”

There’s been a rabbit hanging around for the past several weeks. He/she has seemed fairly nonplussed by people. I decided to try for a picture, but was surprised when I peeked around the corner and saw this:
I’ve never seen a rabbit do that. I guessed it was flattening to hide. I didn’t get it though. Why flatten yourself when you can hop under a shrub? I just googled the behavior (apparently rabbits do a number of things I’ve never seen), and I was right; rabbits flatten to hide yes, but it means they’re frightened. Now I feel bad. I didn’t want to frighten it. I tried to look friendly and non-threatening. It’s welcome here. It’s been nice to have the rabbit around. It hasn’t chewed up too much that I’ve noticed.

"Move along Lady. There's nothing to see here, certainly not a rabbit."

“Move along Lady. There’s nothing to see here, certainly not a rabbit.”


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