Short Thought 46 (Amazon drones)

Earlier this month Amazon asked the FAA for permission to test its latest innovation, package delivery by drone. Like a lot of other people I’m awfully intrigued by this whole drone business. I wonder, if it goes forward, how Amazon plans to protect the drones? Nothing has been mentioned about arming them (which could make things interesting). I’m sure gonna be pissed if somebody shoots my drone delivery out of the sky and sets about enjoying my 4-pack of Bob’s Red Mill Sunflower seeds. If I catch ’em, it could get ugly: “You there! Drop the seeds, step away from the drone, and nobody gets hurt!”

3 thoughts on “Short Thought 46 (Amazon drones)

  1. battlewagon13

    I personally can’t wait to take my son out to the nearby soccer field and just wait for a drone to come near. THAT sucker is going to feel the wrath of my home made rocket kit – and I’ll get to enjoy the scarf that someone’s Aunt Sally knitted them.

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    1. writerinsoul Post author

      The possibilities are quite amusing! Will they run into birds? Fall victim to 10-year olds who can reprogram them from afar? Take photos of would be captors? Drop packages off randomly instead of where they’re instructed?



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