Short Thought 43 (Macarena)

I just heard Macarena on the radio. Wow. Long time. I never learned how to do that dance. It’s not that I can’t dance – I got moves I’ll have you know – but I’ve never been good at picking up dance steps.

I went to a wedding when the song was hot, and everyone seemed to know how to do The Macarena. What I didn’t understand was how. Where am I when the masses instantaneously absorb a pop culture phenomena of that ilk? I don’t feel left out. I don’t want to learn The Macarena. I just want to know how everybody else does.

2 thoughts on “Short Thought 43 (Macarena)

  1. battlewagon13

    It’s the same as all the other stupid dances like that – the chicken dance, the line dacing, etc. I hate them all. When you and I turn away from there ghastliness, others are intently examining them to memorize the moves.

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