Dream 4

I dreamt I was trying to accomplish a vague mission before the day’s end. I was running around in the outdoors, near a wooded area when I suddenly came upon a baby girl lying on the ground. She was black, dressed in bright pink, and very cute when she looked up at me and smiled. I knew I was supposed to do something about this child. I couldn’t exactly go off and leave her there, but my mission – however unclear – was pressing.

I started talking to the baby and she answered me in complete, adult sentences. Turns out, she wasn’t a real baby. Are you familiar with the doll babies sometimes used to scare teenagers into not getting pregnant? Where teens carry the “baby” around and look after it so they’ll get an inkling how much work and trouble an actual baby is? Well, this baby was like that except completely life-like (faked me out). Plus the talking, plus the baby argued with me. See, I said I had things to do but the baby girl told me all the stuff she needed, like NOW. I explained that once I accomplished my tasks/mission, we’d get to her concerns (fer cryin’ out loud, she wasn’t even a real baby). One of the things she told me was she had to have all these vitamins today. I cleverly, or at least it seemed that way in the dream, responded, “The day isn’t over yet” (as in we’ll get to your stupid vitamins soon enough). Baby didn’t think that was good enough because as I picked her up and started to quickly head back to finish my original mission, it became apparent she had radioed back to her controller – which I didn’t know existed – to rat me out! Thanks fake baby!

An unknown woman came walking out of a patch of woods behind me, and said, “You can’t run away Ma’am.” Clearly, nobody was okay with me finishing up my errands before dealing with the baby. I was game to proceed with my business AND take the baby, but not any more. I went to hand the turncoat baby back to the pushy woman as the dream ended.

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