Dream 3

I dreamt I had two cats. One was Himalayan in appearance and I decided to paint it bright blue, like the summer sky. The cat sat still and the paint dried nicely, so I had a blue cat. The other cat was a solid neon orange, unlike any real cat, and I painted it lime green. But it started jumping around before the paint job was dry and kind of messed it up, which I hadn’t counted on, so I had to put the cat in the kitchen sink and wash off the paint. It also occurred to me then that maybe painting cats, with house paint no less, wasn’t a very good idea.


2 thoughts on “Dream 3

  1. Jim Link

    I’ll bet your messy lime green/orange cat could sell for a fortune at Sotheby’s, Colette, but you are too full of the milk of human kindness to make a buck – many bucks! – on your pets!



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