Short Thought 32 (men/women)

Men bond by insulting each other; women bond by insulting themselves.

Woman 1: I am so fat.

Woman 2: No, I’m fat. I look like a trussed pig. Last night I ate a package of cookies for dinner.

Woman 3: My hair looks like sh*t. I can’t do anything with it.

Woman 4: Your hair looks fine. Be glad you don’t have a curly rat’s nest like mine.

A woman who goes off-script will find herself socially ousted.

Woman 5: I weighed myself this morning and I was 120! I think I look terrific. Especially in this mini-dress. And I’m having a good hair day!

Other Women: [sending evil glares and death wishes.]



6 thoughts on “Short Thought 32 (men/women)

      1. Curlydaz

        My sister has an evil glare too (ha ha. Being deliberately obtuse.) I have been on the receiving end quite a few times, but never undeservedly. Thanks for writing. D



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