One of the most ubiquitous, over-used phrases in American advertising is hurry in. I have been hearing this phrase in ads for as long as I’ve heard ads. It’s annoying and bossy. Hurry in for savings. Hurry in to buy a new car. Hurry in to pick up a roast chicken. Hurry in to get a plasma TV. Hurry in for an oil change. Hurry in to buy eyeglasses. But why, why?! Why must we hurry in?? They only have a couple cars? Two roast chickens? They won’t sell me an oil change if I choose to come at a more leisurely pace, perhaps arriving next week? Shouldn’t hurrying-in be reserved for more, gee, significant occasions? Babies’ births? Appendectomies? Court appearances? Plane flights? Warrants for your arrest?

Maybe you, Reader, think I needn’t be so literal and worked up about this phrase. If it was less nonsensical and pointlessly pushy, maybe, just maybe I could. But it isn’t. And I ask you, why can’t copy writers get a little more imaginative? I mean people are paid good money to come up with this stuff. Tell me to hop, skip & jump, tell me we would love to have your business, tell me there’s only 3772 plasma TVs and when they’re gone, tough. Tell me if you get here by Tuesday and bark like a seal, we’ll take an additional $25 off. Just stop telling me to HURRY IN.

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