Frederika and the Gang

P_20140508_170219I have to show you this “vintage” block. It is not from my childhood. I found it several years ago, and I really don’t remember where now. (I find a lot of stuff. My inner 10-year-old walks around with her eyes constantly scanning the ground, curbside, etc., for possible treasures and money. I once found $30 cash and $40 cash in the same year. I’ve never quite recovered.)
P_20140508_184647I figure this car, no, auto is the best clue to the block’s age. That there definitely qualifies for “historic” plates.P_20140508_170257He’s my favorite side of the block. I’ve known people who looked like that. “Gnome” is such great word. P_20140508_184555Last one. If it didn’t say GOAT I’d be hard-pressed to say what that animal is; more like a mythological creature with the body of a panther and the head of a goat, or a dog with horns.


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