Short Thought 19

Not all the time, but occasionally for the sake of expediency and clarity, I assign people to one of two camps: those who generally wish me well and those who do not.


2 thoughts on “Short Thought 19

  1. Jim Link

    Colette, Your binary assessment of people’s attitudes toward you may be quite accurate. I notice in many people a fierce, or usually a merely sullen, resentment of others when they succeed at anything. So if you are surrounded by many ill-wishers, perhaps that means you are doing well, being effective, succeeding brilliantly, even triumphing.

    Hmmm……So as subjective resentment of you increases, so does your objective worthiness?



    1. writerinsoul Post author

      Thanks Jim for your thoughtful comment. I do believe in U.S. culture an attitude exists that there is only so much to go around and if one person is “winning”, others must be losing, and as a culture we are often pitted against one another as a result. On a more subjective level, I wouldn’t say I’m surrounded by ill-wishers, so much that when I require a quick-and-tidy assessment of how someone feels/thinks about me, my two camps idea is helpful. It cuts to the chase.



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