Pepsi? Coke?

For some reason I saved these. The green Coke and the Pepsi bottles I just hung onto, which was not like me at all, considering there was a refund at stake. The clear Coke bottle I found, I think it was in the woods. I’ve shed a lot of stuff over many years and a boatload of moves, but not these. And I couldn’t even tell you the last time I drank a Coke or Pepsi or soda at all.

For fun I checked to see if they’re worth much (they’re not, certainly nowhere near tempting enough to part with) and in the process learned a new word I love. This coke bottle design, trademarked in 1915 and subsequently made in several colors, is called “hobbleskirt.” Hobbleskirt! Named after a long, narrow skirt of the period that “hobbled” a woman’s stride.


One thought on “Pepsi? Coke?

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