Justin needs a suit

I’m too old for Justin Bieber. I was too old for Justin Timberlake. We can probably generalize that I am too old for the Army of Justins, period. (I never knew a “Justin” in my youth.) I try sometimes to think though, if I was younger, who of the current pop idols would appeal to me? I fail rather entirely to see the appeal of Justin Bieber but the first time I saw a video of Hunter Hayes kicking out the terrific “Storm Warning” I was like, yeah! This guy is it. Talent, charm, the whole works. And so young! I enjoy him now and if I was 12 or 15, maybe I’d have a poster on my wall.

I didn’t get Justin Timberlake for a long time. Maybe I just wasn’t the right demographic but between the band, his solo career, funny turns on SNL, high-profile romances, and wardrobe malfunctions he was very hard to miss. He started wearing suits a number of years ago. I remember thinking it didn’t work, that the look was incongruent with his maturity level, his image as I understood it. Like a boy in somebody else’s suits. But damned if he didn’t grow into those suits. He became an adult. Settled down. Developed his art. Got a nice wife (last I knew). Became very respected by his peers. I heard FutureSexyLoveSounds and was like, yeah! I’m all for bringing sexy back!

Justin Bieber needs a suit. And not just for his next court date.


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